Wellness Assessment

Read each statement below and check the box that most accurately describes you at this point in your life


I am aware of a wide range of feelings in myself and others.

I have the skills to cope with daily challenges and manage stress.

I have a positive self-esteem because I accept myself unconditionally.

I am able to create and maintain meaningful and satisfying relationships with others based on mutual commitment, trust, honesty and respect.

I protect myself from the negative impact of people who are “down” all the time and who bring those around them down.

I recognize my personal limitations and accept help when necessary.


I participate in or contribute to environmental causes.

I make an effort to conserve water use and electricity in daily activities.

I limit pollution by taking alternative forms of transportation.

I recycle and reuse materials.

I feel safe where I live.

I understand how my environment impacts my health.



I challenge myself mentally with stimulating ideas and activities on a regular basis.

I think critically and creatively to solve problems.

I engage in cultural, scholastic and community activities regularly.

I stay up-to-date on current local and world events/news.

I enjoy observing and contemplating the world around me.

I explore different points of view.



I am passionate about what I do (school, career, volunteer, part-time, etc.)

My work/school environment aligns with my needs and values.

I am satisfied with my current professional short and long term goals.

I manage both income and spending.

I seek out opportunities for professional development.

I make an effort to save money.



I engage in moderately intense physical activity at least three times per week.

I eat healthy, well-balanced meals by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and, limiting foods high in simple sugars, salts and fats.

I avoid tobacco, drugs and excessive or illegal use of alcohol.

I sleep 7-9 hours a night.

I get regular checkups with a physician and seek medical attention when necessary.

I consistently care for myself (self-care, personal hygiene, stress management).



I have healthy, supportive friendships and family relationships.

I support and interact with diverse people through acceptance and understanding.

I contribute to the welfare and social justice of my community by volunteering, joining organizations and attending community events.

I budget and balance my time to include both responsibilities and leisure activities.

I communicate effectively with friends, family and coworkers.

I try to resolve conflicts in an open and direct manner.



My actions are consistent with my values, beliefs, attitudes, morals and ethics.

I feel my life has purpose and meaning.

I spend time practicing mediation, prayer, yoga and/or other reflection activities.

I have an open mind and tolerance for other’s beliefs and values that differ from my own.

I strive to live in harmony with all living beings.

I connect to a greater spectrum of existence (higher being, multiple lives, nirvana).