Outdoor Recreation Sports Complex Policies

General Policies

  • A valid NIU One Card is required for entrance (One Cards are non-transferable).
  • Participation is at your own risk.
  • Facilities and equipment should be used for their designated purpose.
  • The entrance and exit of the facility must be through the main building.
  • Scaling and jumping any fence throughout the facility is prohibited.
  • Participants and spectators should be aware of possible flying balls, bats and other objects.
  • NIU Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Use of bicycles, rollerblades, or skateboards is prohibited within the facility.
  • Vehicles are prohibited within the facility.
  • Animals, other than trained service animals, are not permitted within the facility.
  • Participants are encouraged to report any maintenance, repair, theft, injury or safety issues to NIU Recreation staff.
  • Failure to abide by NIU Recreation policies may result in loss of facility privileges (Recreation staff and Student Conduct have the authority to determine the extent of this loss of privilege).
  • NIU Recreation staff have the authority to ask patrons to leave the facility for failure to abide by any facility policy.


  • All NIU guests must present a valid photo ID
  • NIU Faculty/Staff members may purchase a guest pass without a sponsor
  • Holmes Student Center Hotel guests, university contractors, and university conference attendees may purchase a guest pass without a sponsor when presenting proper documentation
  • All other guests must be sponsored by a current Recreation and Wellness member
  • Sponsors are responsible for guests at all times
  • Guests must be accompanied by a sponsor each time they enter the facility
  • Guest passes are not transferable

Age Restrictions

  • Family Hours are our full hours of operation
  • All children must purchase a valid child membership or guest pass
  • Children may not enter the Cardio Room, Weight Room, Deadlift Room, or Boxing/Plyometric Room
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times
  • Children are allowed as spectators only during approved Recreation and Wellness Special Events

Clothing and Footwear

  • Athletic attire and footwear should be appropriate for activity
  • Shirts that cover the chest, abdomen (front and back), and sides are required in all areas except locker rooms
  • Metal cleats are prohibited (with the exception of baseball club)

Food, Beverage, and Tobacco Use

  • Sunflower seeds are prohibited within the facility
  • Glass containers are prohibited
  • Gum is not allowed in the facility
  • Consumption of alcohol or the appearance/smell of intoxication will result in removal from the facility
  • All Recreation and Wellness facilities are smoke free and tobacco free

Inclement Weather

During inclement weather, decisions to open or close the facility will be made by Recreation and Wellness staff

Facility Behavior

  • Abusive, vulgar, or disruptive language will not be tolerated
  • Fighting is grounds for immediate removal from the facility
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior and/or sexual misconduct is prohibited
  • Patrons must refrain from behavior that is distracting or disruptive to the recreational pursuits of others
  • Uncooperative individuals, or those not following posted policies, will be asked to leave and be referred to Student Conduct

Field Policies

  • Golf or other activities that may cause damage to the playing fields are prohibited
  • Throwing, hitting, or kicking balls against fences is prohibited
  • The removal of equipment by patrons is prohibited
  • Patrons may request for CR staff to set up equipment
  • Lining of fields is prohibited
  • Digging of holes is prohibited
  • Tampering with sprinkler heads is prohibited

Field Priority Use

Reservation priority will be determined by the following order of classification:

Priority (1) Recreation and Wellness Programming

  • a) Intramural Sports
  • b) Sport Clubs
  • Priority (2) Open Recreation Play
  • Priority (3) University Groups and Organizations
  • Priority (4) University Related Groups and Organizations
  • Priority (5) Non-University Related Groups and Organizations

Equipment Checkout

  • Sports equipment is checked out free of charge for Recreation and Wellness members
  • A valid NIU OneCard or Recreation and Wellness membership card must be presented to check out equipment
  • Guests – except Faculty/Staff – may not check out equipment
  • A maximum of three (3) pieces of equipment may be checked out at one time
  • All check-out equipment must remain in the Outdoor Recreation Sports Complex
  • Equipment not returned to the checkout area will be assessed a $10 retrieval fee
  • Replacement costs for damaged, lost, or stolen equipment will be the responsibility of the individual who checked out the equipment
  • All protests for equipment charges must be submitted in writing to the Assistant Director of Open Recreation