Anderson Hall Pool


The NIU swimming pool, located in Anderson Hall will be open for lap/open swim times throughout the school year. The Anderson pool has five full swim lanes and a deep well- which does not include diving. In order to access the NIU pool you must:

  • Have a current NIU Recreation membership. All pool members must have and bring, an NIU One Card or Community Card that they will show the lifeguards every time they come to swim. Memberships may be purchased online or in-person at the NIU Recreation center.
  • All pool members must pre-register for two-hour swim times on the NIU My Rec site. You must have a membership to reserve your swim times. Sign up and purchase right on this page or log in with your NIU credentials if you are a current student, faculty or staff member who has an NIU Recreation membership, or community log-in if you have created and purchased an NIU Community Rec membership.
    • Time slots will open eight days prior for bookings.
    • Lifeguards will be checking people in as they arrive to confirm registration.
    • You do not need to use the entire 2 hour time block and may come and go anytime within these two hours.
    • Please be sure to cancel any swim times you choose not to use to give others opportunities to swim.
    • If there are issues with registering or booking/canceling time slots on the NIU MyRec website please call the Rec Center at 815-753-0231 or email and support will be provided.
  • Face masks must be worn by members at all times outside of the pool and showers. Patrons must keep their masks on in the locker rooms and pool deck then may remove once they get to their designated lane. Masks also must be worn at all times in the locker room except when in the shower but should be kept nearby and must be worn directly before and after
  • Patrons are encouraged to maintain a six-foot physical distance from other members and staff.
  • Members may still have access to the pool equipment but once used this must be put in a separate "used" bin so it can be thoroughly disinfected by the guards at the end of each shift.

Lap Swim Hours