Responsible Conduct in Data Management
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Accountability - Obligation to give an account of an action, whether they engaged in the action or not.

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Bayh-Dole Act- Legislation that both rationalized and simplified federal policy on the practice of patenting and licensing by non-profit institutions of the results of publicly funded research.

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Collaborative format - The manner in which collaborators is expected to interact.

Collaborative type - Select characteristics of each participant or institution relevant to the collaborative relationship.

Collegiality - Its function is to maintain a social environment promoting cooperation and trust

Conceptualization - Defining the scope, theoretical framework, and essential elements of a research endeavor.

Conflicts of interest - Co-existing and competing obligations and interests

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Deliverables - Agreed upon product(s) of research project.

Dissemination - Distribution of research findings.

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Expanded capacity - The inclusion of additional research staff and expertise to address complex research questions.

Evaluation - Systematic application of scientific procedures for assessing conceptualization, design, implementation of research project.

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Funding periods - Pre-determined period of time a sponsoring agency funds an awarded project.

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Implementation- The act of executing a research plan.

Intellectual property - To control the outcome of intellect.

Interdisciplinary collaboration - A Cooperative research endeavor that applies the methods and approaches of several disciplines.

Investigative approach - Preferred method of study.

Issue of authorship - Determining criteria for allocation of credit.

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Memorandum of Understanding - Written documentation of a set of agreements and expectations between two or more parties.

Monitoring - Assessing the degree to which a research project is following an established protocol.

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Orientation– The training and socialization of collaborators to a specific research project.

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Risk management- Decisions made to accept exposure or to reduce vulnerabilities by either mitigating the risks or applying cost effective controls.

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Specialization- A Training and recognized competence in specific research area.

Standard of acceptability - Established criteria for quality of research practice.

System of communication - A transparent, bidirectional mechanism to accept queries and disseminate responses/information.

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Technology transfer agreements – Formalized agreement between academic institution and private industry to develop and commercialize a technology.

Transparent feedback - Minimization of impediments to two-way communication.

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Work styles - Individual attributes that are work-related.