R.A.D. Self-Defense Training


R.A.D. sessions will be available in spring 2019. 

Have you ever wondered why you have to hit the unlock button twice to unlock all your car doors? Car manufacturers have developed that function with your safety in mind. If only the driver is going to be in the car, a dangerous person might try to open a different door to gain access to the car if all doors are unlocked. Its safety tips like that people never think about until they participate in our discussions during our RAD seminars.

We are proud to teach women’s self-defense through the Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) system. All R.A.D. seminars contain both safety discussions and self-defense techniques. You will learn risk reduction strategies, safety awareness, safety tips, basic stances and hands-on defense training. We adopted R.A.D. because of its easy-to-use, research-based learning methods and its legal defensibility.