Paramedic Program


All NIU Police Officers surpass the state standard of emergency medical first responders with training and certification as Basic Emergency Medical Technicians. However, nine officers have gone beyond to obtain Paramedic level certification. Our paramedics are on duty in uniform performing their duties as police officers but are able to render medical care as soon as the scene is secure. Their paramedic skills are in addition to the tasks they already do.

In order to become a paramedic, these nine officers completed a yearlong training program that included class work, ambulance training and emergency room experience. After the course, the officers must pass a state test based on standards set forth through the Illinois Department of Public Health after they completed the course.

NIU Police Paramedics operate in the region through the Northwestern Medicine Health System and adhere to their protocols. We have at least one paramedic on every patrol shift covering the campus 24 hours a day, every day.

The police officers that are paramedics have the same capabilities and equipment as every paramedic in a fire department, without the ambulance to transport patients. Since our paramedics are both police officers, they enter the scene before it is secure then shift functions into paramedic mode if lifesaving measures are needed. NIU Police Paramedics communicate directly with the City of DeKalb Fire Department’s Paramedics over a radio and advise the situation. These advancements save precious time in an emergency and have proven to save lives.