University Events

Guidance on events will continue to evolve over the course of the spring semester. Below is an overview of guidelines for in-person events. Student organizations are expected to follow all COVID-19 Event Expectations.

  • Event attendees are required to wear a mask and practice physical distancing. The mask must be worn properly and cover the nose and chin.  
  • The number of attendees at an event cannot exceed the modified capacities.
    • Events seeking to host over 50 in a space (indoors or outdoors) may now be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • We encourage the use of outdoor spaces whenever possible.
  • Food cannot be offered at an event in any space. The only option for food is to provide it in to-go containers as participants leave the event.
  • Off-campus events can only be held at third-party local establishments that follow local, state and federal regulations regarding health and safety. Off-campus events must follow the guidance provided above concerning mask-wearing and physical distancing.

Visitors are expected to take the same precautions we ask of our Huskie students and employees.

Some buildings may not be open to guests depending on regulations at the time of your visit. Check out our campus operations information before you come!

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