Campus events will continue to happen throughout the year, evolving as COVID guidance evolves. Many events will be virtual and at times, may be required. We are working hard to create offerings for our Huskies to get involved and connect with others.

Any in-person event will be required to follow all our COVID-19 Event Expectations (PDF). These include event capacities based on regional guidance as well as mask-wearing and distancing requirements.

Attending Events

Check out the various calendar channels below to find events:

Or search the entire NIU calendar and create your own filters to find the type for which you are looking!

Planning Events

Looking to host an event this year? Make sure you check out any relevant policies, including the COVID-19 Event Expectations, especially if you are a student organization.

The Student Organization Guide has tons of ideas, information and resources for events planning, fundraising and trainings.

Additionally, we encourage you to check out our new Virtual Event Guide to help you make the most of your virtual events this year.

Need help in thinking through your event? Don’t hesitate to contact any of our Student Involvement staff. They would be happy to help you through the process!

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