Student COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

Students who have received an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement and are living on campus, taking face-to-face classes in DeKalb or participating in an NIU-sponsored opportunities like clinicals, internships or student teaching, are required to undergo weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing beginning Monday, Aug. 23.

Exemption Requests

Students must request an exemption to testing prior to the week of testing. Exemptions will not be granted retroactively, and missed tests will result in the process outlined below under Testing Compliance.

  • Temporary Exemption Request 
    Submit a temporary exemption request if you will not be on campus the entire week you are required to test; if you have already tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days; or if you are currently in NIU directed quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19 exposure or symptoms.
  • Remote Exemption Request
    Submit a remote exemption request if you are a fully remote student who does not live in NIU Housing and is not participating in any NIU-sponsored in-person opportunities like clinicals, internships or student teaching or if you if you have permission from your instructor to attend a face-to-face or hybrid class remotely.
  • Vaccinated Exemption Request
    Should your status change to vaccinated over the course of the fall semester, please upload your vaccination documentation through MyNIU as outlined on the Vaccine Requirement page.

Testing Compliance

A student who does not comply with the weekly testing requirement will receive a written notification of that missed test on Friday and will have two business days (Monday and Tuesday) to test.

If the student does not test on Monday or Tuesday, a formal warning will be issued on Wednesday. 


First Offense: Warning Letter
Second Offense: $150 fine and compliance probation
Third Offense: $150 fine and account holds (registration and grades)
Fourth Offense: Remove from Housing; Removal from in-person and hybrid classes.


Appeals must be submitted by email to within two (2) business days of the intervention issue date. 

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