Reporting Requirements

Every member of our campus community is expected to make safe and thoughtful decisions by monitoring for symptoms, staying home when sick, testing to determine if they have COVID-19, and following the return to work on campus guidelines.

Exposed to COVID-19?

If you have been exposed to COVID-19, you are not required to quarantine. However, it is required that you mask for 10 days following the date of exposure and it is recommended that you get a covid test 5 days following the date of exposure.  If you develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, follow the guidance outlined under "Procedures for Experiencing Positive COVID-19 Test."

Reporting Expectations for Employees

Employees no longer need to report symptoms, positive tests or exposure to COVID-19. As a result, they will no longer need to be cleared by HRSCOVID before returning to work on campus. 

Employees are expected to follow isolation guidelines and notify their supervisors when they will be absent for illness. 

Employee and Supervisor Information Sharing

  • Employees are expected to follow the university’s isolation guidelines and return to work when they meet the necessary criteria
  • Supervisors are not expected to clear employees to return to work. 
  • Employees are encouraged to share information with their supervisors about their absence if related to COVID-19, however, they are not required to share specific health information if they are not comfortable doing so. 
  • Employees that have questions or need assistance in their specific situation should contact for consultation and guidance. 
  • Supervisors should also contact if they feel the isolation guidelines are not being followed or need guidance on a specific situation. 
  • Human Resource Services may contact employees regarding their situation to confirm university protocols are followed.

Reporting Expectations for Students

Only students living in our residence halls who test positive for COVID-19 must report their positive status to the university. Students will then be given the option to isolate at home or in university-provided isolation space. 

Any student who is sick and is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to campus for class, work or other activities.

Students are expected to contact their professors when they will be absent and discuss any appropriate accommodations.

Student with questions should email for assistance.


Employees: Email

Students: Email

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