Working Remotely FAQ

Additional employee COVID-19 FAQ can be found on the employee FAQ page and on the Human Resource Services website

What if I need technical support?

The working remotely section of this site provides numerous resources, including available online systems and tools, a checklist for working remotely and conferencing tools. You can check with the Division of Information Technology about borrowing laptops or other devices. Some internet providers are offering free internet access for a limited time. You can also learn more about accessing your files and NIU’s network from off campus or request personal assistance through the IT Service Portal.

I’m not feeling productive because many of my tasks are limited while working remotely. Any suggestions?
First, please know that we understand the situation you’re in during this stressful time and have offered many work options. We encourage you to explore opportunities for professional development through resources, such as free online Ivy League Courses. We’ve also gathered professional development resources specifically for supervisors, facilities employees and hourly graduate assistants.
My family is at home. Can I still work remotely?
Employees who have job duties conducive to working from home are encouraged to work remotely. We completely understand that working from home while maintaining child care and/or elder care will impact productivity, and we trust you will do your best. If you have not already done so, please consult with your supervisor via phone, email or in-person to confirm if your role falls into this category. Information and resources about working remotely are available on the Keep Working website, which is updated frequently.
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