Professional Development for Hourly Graduate Assistants

Supervisors and hourly graduate assistants can explore multiple options during this time. The first is to have the hourly graduate assistant continue to work as normal, the second is to explore remote work options, and the third is opportunities for paid professional development through the JobsPLUS program.

Supervisors who would like to offer professional development for their hourly graduate assistants should contact Chad Glover at 815-753-2056 or to sign their department up for this option. Chad will provide you with upcoming opportunities through Blackboard Collaborate and content available in LinkedIn Learning applicable to your staff.

Hourly graduate assistants approved by their supervisor to participate on paid work time will be able to register to participate in offerings through LinkedIn Learning and Blackboard Collaborate at After registration, students will receive information about accessing the content by email.

The time spent on approved professional development completed by hourly graduate assistants should be tracked and reported to Human Resource Services as part of the semi-monthly payroll reporting.

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