NIU’s Plan and Expectations for Student Responsibility
August 20, 2020

Dear Huskies,

We’re excited to begin welcoming you back to NIU for the start of a new and unprecedented semester.

Whether you will be living on campus or off campus, taking face-to-face classes or are fully online, you are an important member of our Huskie community and we’re committed to helping you be successful and responsible as you pursue your studies during this public health crisis.

We’ve spent the summer carefully planning for a safe return to class, residential living, engagement opportunities, support services and more. We’ve taken extensive measures that follow public health guidelines and have detailed our work and expectations in both the Protecting the Pack plan we shared in July and the Protect the Pack student training you recently received. Now we need your help in order to be able to proceed.

We cannot emphasize enough that we need each and every student to make smart choices that prioritize your personal health and well-being, as well as the health and well-being of your fellow Huskies and our DeKalb neighbors. This means:

  • Consistently wearing a mask;
  • Remaining a minimum of 6 feet from others;
  • Washing hands frequently and/or using hand sanitizer (60 percent alcohol);
  • Contacting the NIU COVID-19 helpline (815-753-0444) when not feeling well; and
  • Not hosting and/or attending group gatherings and parties.


Multiple universities have seen the irresponsible actions of a few students result in outbreaks of COVID-19 and have been forced to move all classes online and begin closing residence halls this week. These are actions we hope to avoid at NIU, but will not hesitate to do should we see unsafe behaviors that could jeopardize our community.

It’s important that you remain informed and vigilant. Beginning today, we’ll be tracking and publishing anonymous data points on student and employee COVID-19 cases on our Protecting the Pack dashboard. We’ll also be updating the campus next week about our plans for surveillance testing those who are on campus. If you’ve not done so already, please download the #CampusClear app to help you monitor your health.

As we’ve shared before, Huskies take care of Huskies. We’re relying on you to take that seriously and to heart. The sooner we do, the sooner we can see our university return to the university experience we all know and want. 

Together Forward,


Lisa C. Freeman

Beth Ingram
Executive Vice President and Provost

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