Message from President Freeman announcing new Student Emergency Fund
April 6, 2020


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,


NIU recognizes that COVID-19 has impacted all of our students and, for many, has exacerbated existing challenges and even created new ones. As this unprecedented situation continues and as further developments impact our country and state, we want to help all degree-seeking students stay in school, successfully finish the semester and plan for their future. We know that dealing with so many issues during a time of uncertainty is hard, so we’re going to make asking for help as easy as possible.


NIU is launching today a Student Emergency Fund to provide students with resources and funding to access technology, employment, housing, meals, transportation and other critical, basic needs. Students in need are encouraged to fill out a simple form describing the resources and/or funding they need to successfully pursue their studies for the rest of the semester. Students who complete the form will be contacted within 24 hours by a member of the Center for Student Assistance who will offer support and identify resources appropriate to student needs, which can include up to $500 in funding per student. The goal is to provide funding decisions within three to four days of the request.


Faculty and staff who wish to help students complete the form are encouraged to do so and may also submit the application on behalf of a student.


The fund was developed by the NIU Foundation, Student Affairs, the Office of the Provost, Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. All will work collaboratively to provide timely student support. Funding is being made available by the university and generous gifts from donors. Donations to the Student Emergency Fund can be made online or via payroll deduction through the NIU Foundation, and 100% of all gifts to the fund will be used to provide direct support to students in need.


I deeply appreciate the advocates for students who have come together to create and support this fund so our Huskies can persist. At every turn of these past several weeks, our community continues to amaze me and demonstrate remarkable resilience and resolve that can’t be compared. Thank you!


Together Forward,


Lisa C. Freeman

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