Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
March 24, 2020
Student Adjustments

Dear Students,

In January, we began this semester with new syllabi, clear plans, activities and events to look forward to and a vision for what the semester would hold. Fast-forward a few weeks, and we find ourselves instead immersed in a devastating situation that is impacting our entire world. We have altered our plans and expectations in the face of limitations we could not have anticipated. But as proud Huskies, we are moving forward, together.

NIU’s faculty and staff have been working tirelessly to ensure you have the academic resources and support you need to finish the year strong. We’ve shifted to a distance learning model, and provided you with a comprehensive Keep Learning website that features a number of resources and tools that will help you be successful academically. We will not be issuing account holds or late fees to accounts during this time, so enrollment for the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 sessions will not be restricted. On Monday, we shared with student employees our plans to pay them through the end of the semester regardless if they are able to work their on-campus jobs.

Our next step is to deliver on our promise to adjust your student accounts to reflect your shortened time on campus. To that end, every NIU student will receive by April 10 a $25 per-credit-hour adjustment on their account for general fees. You also will receive credits for housing, dining and parking, which are outlined in the chart below. These adjustments will be visible on MyNIU.

Please note that the size of the adjustment will vary based on the number of credit hours you are registered for and any housing grants you might have received. The chart below describes the credits that you can expect to be applied directly to your student account.


If you are currently carrying a balance on your account, the credit will be applied to that balance. If you are not carrying a balance, and the bill was paid with cash or credit card, you will receive a refund. If the bill was paid with financial aid or a scholarship, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will review your account and make any required adjustments, based on the type of aid received. Refunds will be directly deposited into your bank account if you signed up for direct deposit on MyNIU. If you have not signed up for direct deposit, you will receive a paper check in the mail. 


Housing and Dining

Students who checked out of their residence hall or Northern View apartment on or before March 22, 2020, will receive a 50% credit of their current room and board rate for the spring semester. The amount of the credit will vary among students depending on their residence hall and meal plan.

Students who remain in residence halls or Northern View apartments will receive a $275 credit to their accounts to reflect the reduction of available services on campus.

On-Campus General Fees

All undergraduate, graduate and law students will receive $25 per-credit-hour adjustments for on-campus general fees up to 12 credits.

Flex Plan

Students who selected the Flex Meal Plan will receive credits of their remaining balance, minus any bonus that they received at purchase.

Huskie Bucks

Huskie Bucks balances will be credited to the accounts of students who have checked out of NIU housing and will complete the rest of the semester off-campus.


Students who would like to reload Huskie Bucks can do so online.


Off-Campus Meal Plan

Students with off-campus meal plans will receive 50% credits to their account.



Annual permit holders will receive a 25% credit adjustment because the last quarter of the academic year will be completed remotely. The amount of the credit will vary among students, depending on the type of permit purchased.

Semester permit holders will receive a 50% credit adjustment because half of the semester will be completed remotely. The amount of the credit will vary among students, depending on the type of permit purchased.


Answers to general questions are available on NIU’s COVID-19 site. If you have questions specifically related to your student account or the credit adjustments that are being applied, please email the Bursar’s Office at    


We appreciate the patience that you have demonstrated during this process, and are here to support you through in the coming weeks and months. 


Thank you, and Go Huskies!


Lisa C. Freeman


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