Task Force Member Selection

A shared governance group of faculty, staff, and students reviewed more than 110 applications for membership on Program Prioritization task forces, and chose a total of 44 individuals to serve on those groups.

Task Force selectees were notified and asked to sign documents that detail the terms of their service. Included in those agreements are arrangements for coverage of duties during task force service in the spring semester of 2016.  (Note: In response to timeline concerns from members of the university community, the Program Prioritization process has been moved forward so that task force members can complete their work during just one, rather than two, semesters.)

Task Force Selection Committee

  • Lisa Freeman, executive vice president and Provost
  • Al Phillips, vice president for Administration and Finance
  • Bill Pitney, executive secretary, University Council & president, Faculty Senate president
  • Melissa Lenczewski, Faculty Senate representative
  • Greg Long, Faculty Senate representative
  • Richard Siegesmund, Faculty Senate representative
  • Jeanne Meyer, Supportive Professional Staff Council representative
  • David Long, Operating Staff Council representative
  • Nathan Lupstein, Student Association representative