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Action Plan Template

Now that the Program Prioritization Task Force Reports have been released, NIU is moving on to the next stage of the Program Prioritization process with the development and submission of the Action Plans. Vice Presidents and other divisional leaders, including deans, will review the Task Force recommendations and university feedback related to their respective areas, consult with program leaders, and submit final Action Plans to the Senior Cabinet no later than July 15, 2016

University feedback received through the Program Prioritization website will be distributed to the appropriate Vice President or other divisional and/or college leader on an ongoing basis until the feedback mechanism is closed on May 23, 2016. It is expected that the Action Plans will give serious consideration and respond to every Task Force recommendation related to programs within a specific division.

Guidelines for responding to these recommendations are as follows:

  1. Recommended action per the Task Force Report(s):
  2. Program(s) associated with this recommendation:
  3. If the Task Force indicated that there were gaps in the program(s) narratives, what additional information can be provided here?
  4. Do you consider the action recommended to be reasonable?
    Yes/No (if no, why not)
  5. What type of response to that recommendation do you propose?
    • No Action
    • Routine Action
    • Significant New Action

    “Routine Action” means that the actions to be taken fall within the normal scope of the administration.  This would apply primarily to programs that are in the Sustain category, or who are targeted for modest reductions, enhancements or changes in practices. “Significant New Action” would indicate a major restructuring, merger of programs, elimination or major enhancement, that involves a larger scale of planning and resource allocation.

  6. If a Significant New Action is proposed, provide the following:

    • Description of action steps (w/ timeline)
    • Individuals impacted and how
    • Resources required/released
    • Anticipated outcomes
  7. Summary of actions proposed in the Action Plan from this division: