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Data Platform

Program Prioritization Data System

To help facilitate the collection, collation, and review of program data, NIU has licensed and is in the process of implementing a central data platform for use with program prioritization called Prioritization Plus. Prioritization Plus is a web-based data platform specifically designed for use by institutions engaging in program prioritization. It provides secure, program-specific access for program authors, program approvers, and task force members to relevant program data. The system facilitates the review and decision making process.

Data System Log-in

Why a Data Platform is Needed

The data platform will serve as the backbone for program prioritization. The establishment of a data-informed process for making strategic decisions regarding program investment necessitates reviewing centrally-collected institutional data as well as program provided data.

Examples of centrally curated information include enrollment, graduation rates, credit hour production, research, scholarly and artistic productivity, staffing and compensation data, as well as external indicators of demand and outcomes. In addition to centrally-collected institutional data, programs have their own data metrics. Programs will be encouraged whenever possible to benchmark against disciplinary norms and industry standards.

Those responsible for programs (typically individuals with titles such as department chair, director) commonly referred to in the program prioritization process as “program authors” will have multiple opportunities to upload complementary and substitute data about their programs. Program author data/reporting upload is a necessary part of the Program Prioritization process and the data platform facilitates the inclusion of program data uploaded by program authors with other institutionally provided data.

How the Data Platform Will Be Used

The data platform will serve a very specific purpose and will be utilized by a variety of different users in the various roles previously defined. Program-specific institutional data will be pre-loaded into the system by the NIU program prioritization data support team. 

When the system is configured and made available, program authors will receive access to the institutional data for their program(s), aligned to established program prioritization criteria questions.

Program authors will draft narrative responses to program prioritization criteria questions and add supplemental data as desired. Offline templates will be made available that authors can use to draft their narrative responses in Microsoft Word for easy copy and pasting into the online templates within the system.

After program authors have completed their work, program approvers will review completed data and narrative write-ups and approve.

Task force members will then review approved program data and score programs using established review criteria.

More Information

For an overview and brief introduction to the program prioritization data system, view the brief tutorial available at

More details for logging into Prioritization Plus will be emailed to program authors for how to login to Prioritization Plus and access institution data associated with criterion questions. To learn more about the Prioritization Plus system, visit the NIU Program Prioritization training page at

Training will be available for program authors, program approvers, and task force members, covering complete details for using the Prioritization Plus data system.

Introduction Tutorial Video