Coordinating Team

About the Coordinating Team

In October 2014, a delegation from NIU was provided the opportunity to attend a conference in order to learn more about the specific processes that colleges and universities have used to prioritize academic and administrative programs.

The coordinating team will work with members of the University community to develop and implement a transparent program prioritization process. To this end, the coordinating team will facilitate the definition and inventory of academic and administrative programs, the establishment of review criteria and metrics, the gathering and sharing of relevant program data, and the nomination of members for the two task forces that will be asked to work with academic and administrative units to perform a thorough, fair and comprehensive analysis of our programs.

Coordinating Team Members

  • Jeff Reynolds -- *
  • Susan Mini -- *
  • Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb -- *
  • Diana Robinson *
  • Bill Pitney -- ^
  • Brett Coryell -- ^
  • Marc Falkoff -- ^
  • Denise Schoenbachler -- **
  • Andy Small -- **
  • Kelly Wesener Michael -- **
  • Dillon Domke + **
  • Brian Cunningham +
  • Carolinda Douglass, Facilitator --
  • Lisa Freeman, Provost --

-- Academic Impressions Conference Invitees
+ Student team members
Data Team
Criteria Team
** Communications Team