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About Program Prioritization


The goal of program prioritization is to maximize the impact of our institutional program portfolio, across both academic and administrative programs. Further, the program prioritization process is aligned with NIU's vision, mission and strategic framework. The process is data-informed and comparisons are internal and among unlike programs. This process is supported by the NIU Board of Trustees, President and Provost.

Board of Trustees Agenda Action Item

Agenda Item 8.a.(11)
June 18, 2015

Resolution to Endorse Program Prioritization Initiative

At the March 27, 2015 the Ad Hoc Committee on Enrollment Management, NIU Executive Vice President and Provost Freeman presented information to the Committee about the Program Prioritization initiative currently underway at NIU.  The Committee made a recommendation to endorse the program prioritization initiative, as follows: 

The Board of Trustees resolves that the Program Prioritization process is a thoughtful process, informed by research and best practices.  The Board has faith in the NIU leadership team responsible for Program Prioritization to make necessary adjustments throughout the process in order for the process to be effective at NIU.  The Board endorses this process as a strategic measure to identify and direct resources in a way that will provide the most benefit for our current and future students. For these reasons, the Board is interested in receiving updates on the process as deemed necessary by Executive Vice President and Provost Freeman, and requests that the President forward a resolution by means of the President’s Report to the Board of Trustees for approval at the next Board meeting. 

Recommendation:  The President requests Board of Trustees endorsement of the Program Prioritization initiative at the June 18, 2015 meeting.


Guiding Principles for NIU Program Prioritization

  • All programs, academic and administrative, will be reviewed
  • Honor contracts with all employees
  • Guarantee students can finish their academic programs