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Electronic Requisition Workflow Project


Procurement Services, with the support of the Division of Information Technology, is transforming how we purchase goods and services at NIU. The new process, coming early in FY2018, will allow those purchasing goods and services for the University to enter their requisitions in the MyNIU Financial Management System (FMS). They will have the ability to upload vendor quotes and other supporting documents, then electronically submit requisitions for the necessary approvals. Nothing has to be printed or mailed—and requisitioners and approvers can track the status of the requisition from submittal to issue of the purchase order.

Who does this affect?

Anyone who completes purchase requisitions, business managers and approvers (who could range from Manager to VP, depending on purchase amount.)

When is it coming?

Piloting will begin in early FY2018, with full implementation in Q2, FY2018.

The goal is to be pilot during the summer with two departments, then train campus and enable the new workflow for all. A focus group of business managers and primary campus requisitioners will help determine the appropriate process for training and distribution of the information.

Why is this change occurring?

This change will allow requisitioners, business managers, approvers, and Procurement Services, to track the status of requisitions. Gone will be the days of tracking down the status of a purchase requisition; everyone in the requisition chain can track and monitor the status and, if needed, contact the appropriate person for an update. In addition, paper and time will be saved, since the process will be done electronically.

How can I find out more?

We’ll be keeping business managers apprised of the project’s progress and further information will be published to this page as the project continues.

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