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National Car Rental Travel Agreement

Northern Illinois University

As a member of the Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative (IPHEC), Northern Illinois University is now entitled to participate in and benefit from the Big Ten's agreement with National Car Rental. The many benefits of the specially negotiated program extend to both personal and business travel. Below are answers to commonly asked questions about the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is an eligible renter under this contract with National?

A: All faculty and staff, including immediate family (spouse and children 21 years and older residing in the same household), retirees and their spouses, on business and leisure rentals. The contract also extends to consultants, contractors and graduate students on business rentals.

Q: What qualifications does a graduate student have to meet to be eligible?

A: Graduate students who are part time employees of NIU are considered eligible renters on business rentals. All graduate students will need to provide a letter on university letterhead, signed by their supervisor, stating the purpose of the rental is business related.

Q: How do I know I'm getting the lowest rate?

A: At the time of reservation, National will compare the negotiated rates with other available retail rates. The lower rate is confirmed and guaranteed. In addition, National Car Rental will apply a discount to promotional and holiday rates. Be sure to identify yourself by providing NIU's corporate discount number 5000064.

Q: Is there a benefit to booking directly with National via the Internet?

A: Yes! The contract rates for pick up and return to same city (not applicable on one way rentals) are reduced by $2 per day when you make your reservation. The contract rate will be compared to other applicable retail rates. If a retail rate is lower, you will receive the lower rate (as stated above).

Q: What is the Emerald Club Service Program and how do I enroll?

A: The Emerald Club is National's premier service program. It gets you away from the crowds at the counter and takes you directly to the Emerald Aisle, into the fully equipped car of your choice. Once you've selected the car you want, simply drive to the gate, show your Emerald Club card and a valid driver's license and you're on your way.

There are several ways to enroll. For instant enrollment, complete the application and click the submit button. Your number will be returned immediately.

This is the fastest and easiest way to enroll.

Or if you prefer, you may enroll by taking the enclosed Complimentary Emerald Club Membership coupon to any rental counter in the United States.

Q: What if I am already an Emerald Club member?

A: Ensure your Emerald Club profile contains correct data, including the University name and corporate discount number 5000064 and current credit card information. You may view and update your profile online by going to Update Your Profile on NIU's customized link posted on our travel web page. Rent one time per year using your Emerald Club card and your membership will be automatically renewed. Please give your Emerald Club number to your travel agent. For Emerald Club profile questions, call National at (800) 962-7070. (This number does not provide fee-waived applications, but will be able to help you with profile updates.)

Q: What are the program benefits:

A: l Unlimited mileage (with some exceptions)

  • Our lowest rate is always guaranteed
  • A discount of up to 10% on promotional and holiday rates
  • Special Internet Rates
  • Fee-waived Emerald Club Service membership
  • Loss Damage Waiver included in rate
  • Liability insurance included in rate
  • Minimum rental age is 21
  • No drop charge on one-way rentals
  • Applies to both business and personal travel

Q: What optional coverages will be reimbursed by the University when I rent from National?

A: When traveling in the United States , or in countries where LDW/CDW is included in the rate, the University will NOT reimburse you for any optional coverages such as LDW, CDW, Supplemental Liability Insurance, Personal Affects or Personal Accident Insurance. These should be declined on the Emerald Club application and/or at the time of rental unless you wish to pay these as a personal expense. The Loss Damage Waiver and Liability coverage is included in the rate on business and personal rentals when using NIU's corporate discount number 5000064.

Q: What do I need to know about National's international rates?

A: The NIU Purchasing Office has detailed information on contract rates available throughout Canada, Europe and other parts of the parts of the world.

This Agreement includes Collision Damage Waiver at rental locations outside the United States, however a deductible will typically apply. This will vary from location to location. National Car Rental's Reservations at 1/800-227-7368 will be able to provide you with this information when you reference our corporate discount number 5000064.

Please Note: National Car Rental is the only car rental company that has a signed agreement with IPHEC. With National, you can be sure of full contract benefits at all U.S. locations.

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