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Business Enterprise Program (BEP)

Northern Illinois University is encouraged to purchase needed goods and services from businesses owned and controlled by minorities, females, and/or persons with disabilities in accordance with the Illinois Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Act effective August 28, 1994. Under the State of Illinois Business Enterprise Program (BEP), organizations once certified and approved, may have their Illinois sales transactions used in reporting progress toward meeting pre-established agency and university goals. In return, businesses may receive added exposure for their products and services as well as the possibility for expanded opportunities statewide.

Northern Illinois University is committed to creating an equitable and competitive business environment through encouraging campus departments to proactively consider qualified certified business owned by minorities, females and persons with disabilities for their contracting needs. In accordance with the Minority and Female Business Enterprise Act (MAFBEA), NIU has developed and implemented a Business Enterprise Program (BEP) to promote and encourage continuing economic development of businesses owned by minorities, women and/or persons with disabilities. State agencies and universities have a goal to buy at least 19 percent of goods and services from BEP Certified businesses. In addition, NIU is focused on fostering an inclusive procurement system that invites the broadest possible participation from a diverse vendor base. The NIU Supplier Diversity Networking Fair is just one of the programs and services that NIU has developed to provide our campus community with resources for doing business with diverse business owners throughout the State of Illinois.

Resources for locating Minority and Female Business Enterprises

The Minority and Female Business Enterprise Program (MAFBE) is a University initiative committed to vendor diversification by ensuring that businesses with ownership meeting the definitions “minority,” “female,” and “persons with disabilities,” are included in the University procurement process. Only Illinois Certified vendors are recognized by the University’s BEP program. Faculty, staff and student organization representatives should search the State of Illinois BEP Vendor Database for vendors that have been certified by the State of Illinois under the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) or contact Roselyn Snell, Assistant Director at 815-753-6038.

Vendors who wish to have more information about certification should contact the Procurement Office at 815-753-1671 or visit the BEP site.

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