NIU Partnership Registry

NIU’s many partnerships with external organizations add value to teaching, research and engagement. Our governing board strongly supports these partnerships, and would like to see more of them develop over time.

This website contains a submission form that will help create a baseline against which we can measure progress toward our partnership goals. Please help by entering your individual or departmental partnerships here. 

If you have many partnerships to submit, you may download our bulk input form (Excel) and email your completed spreadsheet to

Partnership categories

For purposes of this survey, we ask that you categorize your partnerships:

  • Coordinating: Exchanging information for mutual benefit
  • Cooperating: Sharing resources for mutual benefit
  • Collaborating: Exploring shared vision; mutual financial resource development

Within your description, please indicate whether this is a new partnership (AY2017-2018) or a sustaining partnership of longer duration. 

One category is not “better” than another. In order to track our progress, it is important for us to know when the partnership began.


Email if you have questions about completing the Partnership Information form or about how to start a new partnership.