The Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities shall be composed of 16 members, most of whom shall be members of Northern Illinois University's racial minority communities. Membership shall be made up of four members of the full-time teaching faculty, four supportive professional staff, four operating staff, and four students nominated by the Student Association.

A representative of the ombudsperson's office and the office of affirmative action shall be ex officio, nonvoting members of the commission. One member shall be selected by the commission members to be the liaison representative to the Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance Advisory Committee.

Members shall be appointed by the president from nominations or volunteers solicited by the president through an annual university-wide process. Faculty and staff members shall be appointed to serve three-year staggered terms. Student members shall serve one-year terms. The commission shall elect a chair, vice chair, and secretary from the membership who will serve one-year renewable terms.

If you are an NIU student or a faculty or staff member and are interested in joining the commission, please contact Felicia Bohanon at

Masud Alam

Naomi Bolden

Felicia Bohanon

Felicia Bohanon
Commission Chair
Office of Precollegiate Programs

Alex Chapman
College of Law

Manju Daniel

Manju Daniel
School of Nursing

Tawanda Gipson
Institutional Effectiveness

Pettee Guerrero
Adult Continuing Education

Tifarah Jackson
Student Involvement and Leadership Development

Melanie Koss
Curriculum and Instruction

Simón Weffer-Elizondo

Donald Williams
Campus Dining Services


Monique Bernoudy
Office of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Sarah Klaper

Sarah Klaper
Office of the Ombudsperson