Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities

The Presidential Commission on the Status Minorities (PCSM) is the oldest commission in existence on the NIU campus. The PCSM, being the first of its kind at NIU, served as an example and led the way in the development of other existing presidential commissions representing the rich diversity of NIU. 

The commission advises the president on the status of minority students, faculty and staff and to recommend improvements in the quality of life and opportunities for ethic minorities in the university community. Commission members serve on behalf of the entire university community. 

The PCSM has always advocated for all ethic minorities represented on campus and in the surrounding community and region. The commission’s influence on the work environment, climate, as well as the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff and students continue to be significant as the commission strives to assist meeting its avowed goals of diversity and equal treatment for all.

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