Previous Award Recipients


  • Pablo Valencia-Garcia, student, Athletic Training major
  • LeBrian Carrington, Academic Advisor/Counselor, Academic Advising Center
  • Janice Hamlet, Associate Professor, Department of Communications
  • William McCoy, former Director of BELIEF, College of Business


  • Laura Vivaldo Cholula, NIU Undergraduate Student
  • Kristina Wilkerson, NIU Graduate Student
  • Beverly McCall, Advisor/Counselor, CHANCE Program
  • Lisa King, Associate Director, CHANCE Program 
  • Yolanda King, Associate Professor, College of Law
  • Katrina Myers Caldwell, former Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Equity


  • Romeo Jackson, NIU Undergraduate Student
  • Daniel H. Tamayo, NIU Undergraduate Student
  • Javier Rodriguez, NIU Undergraduate Student
  • Charles Ogundipe, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
  • LaVerne Gyant, Professor, Adult and Higher Education
  • Glenda Jones, Collection Specialist II, Bursar's Office


  • Sandra Gonzalez, NIU Undergraduate Student, Spanish Language and Literature K-12 Major
  • Sara Briseño, NIU Undergraduate Student, Sociology Major
  • Karen Baker, Associate Vice President, Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance


  • Marc Reynolds, NIU Graduate Student, U.S. History Major
  • Chris Liska Carger Professor, Literacy Education on College of Education Strategic Diversity Plan (James Cohen, Joe Flynn, Connie Fox, Becqui Hunt and Scott Wickman)
  • Project R.E.D. Residents Engaging in Diversity


  • Latasha Bennett, NIU Undergraduate Student, Center for Non-Governmental Organization Leadership and Development (NGOLD)
  • Sandy Lopez, Assistant to the Director for the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies
  • James Cohen, Assistant Professor, Department of Literacy Education
  • Nancy Russo, Professor, Department of Operations Management and Information Systems
  • Society of Women Engineers 


  • Suzanne Coffield, English Department
  • Ellen Franklin, English Department
  • Wesley Coats (ret.), Procurement Services


  • Ron Carter,  School of Music
  • Murali Krishnamurthi, Faculty Development & Instructional Design
  • Edgar Ramirez, NIU Undergraduate Student


  • Don Bramlett, Director of the Office of Retention Services
  • Lt. Darren Mitchell, Department of Public Safety
  • Derrick Smith, Academic counselor for the Center for Black Studies


  • Dr. Joy Mutinda, Psychologist
  • Robert Collins, Deputy Director of Athletics
  • Andres Giraldo, NIU Undergraduate Student


  • Dean Promod Vohra, College of Engineering & Engineering Technology
  • Drs. Luis & Clersida Garcia, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • Minority Science Association


  • Dr. Admasu Zike, Executive Assistant in Human Resource Administration
  • Chief Donald Grady, Department of Public Safety
  • Glenda Jones, Specialist in the Bursar’s Office


  • James Brunson, Assistant Director of Housing
  • The entire Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
  • LaMetra Curry, NIU Doctoral Student


  • Leroy Mitchell, Director of Educational Services and Programs/CHANCE Program
  • Monique Bernoudy, Associate Athletics Director
  • Michael Kirkwood, NIU Law Student