In 1978 a group of minority faculty members began meeting informally with President William Monat to discuss the status and quality of life for minorities here at NIU. The group’s focus was to provide opportunities for minorities seeking faculty and administrative positions. It became evident that a continuing dialogue with the president was necessary if these and other concerns were to be addressed over time. An advisory group was established which later became the Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities (PCSM).

The PCSM is the oldest commission on the NIU campus. The commission has led the way in influencing and setting the tone for other existing commissions representing the rich diversity of NIU. The PCSM has always maintained a strong advocacy for all minorities represented on campus and in the surrounding community and region.

The commission’s influence on work environment, climate, retention and recruitment of diverse faculty and students continues to be significant. The commission is always striving to assist in meeting its avowed goals of diversity and equal treatment for all.