FY 2019 Presidential Goals

As part of the yearly evaluation process for the president, the president and the Board of Trustees have agreed to a series of goals and metrics to measure the accomplishment of those goals. The board approved the presidential goals and metrics at its special meeting on December 6, 2018. Below are the goal category highlights. The full goal document is also available.

  • Stabilize total enrollment
  • Sustain main campus undergrad enrollment
  • Grow online enrollment
  • Increase new undergrad Hispanic/Latinx enrollment
  • Collaborate to close achievement gaps
  • Collaborate to close achievement gaps
  • Progress toward Business Enterprise Program
  • Complete APLU faculty diversity self-assessment
  • Increase utilization of affirmative action data
  • Stronger graduate student and post-doc pipelines
  • Increase diversity recruitment and web presence
  • Completion of cultural competency training
  • Implement NICCS FY2019 Research Cluster
  • Continue progress CREATE FY2018 Research Cluster
  • At least one CEET doctoral program to IBHE
  • Develop and complete plans to increase graduate stipends
  • New and sustained partnerships
  • Revise vision, mission, values statements
  • Complete Executive VP/Provost Search
  • Complete General Counsel Search
  • Identify timeline and methodology for strategic plan/facilities master plan
  • Production and management of balanced budget
  • Identify funding and implement initiatives fund
  • Total funds raised- philanthropy
  • Implement CHANCE 50th Anniversary fund