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Matthew Streb

Matthew J. Streb

American Politics (Political Parties, Elections, Voting Behavior, Public Opinion)

Office: Zulauf Hall 402

Curriculum Vitae

Overview of Scholarly Activity

Matthew Streb is a professor in the Department of Political Science. His research examines voter decisionmaking in low-information elections, specifically nonpartisan elections and judicial elections; questions related to electoral democracy; and polling. His research has been featured on C-Span’s Washington Journal, and has been mentioned in such places as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Times, Washington Monthly and Chronicle of Higher Education. He is the editor of the book series "Controversies in Electoral Democracy and Representation."  Matt is frequently quoted in national, state and local media on elections and is a weekly guest on Straight Talk with Riley O'Neal (WROK, Rockford).  In 2009, he was recognized by the NIU Foundation for "Faculty Excellence."  Matt teaches courses on political parties, political behavior, public opinion and Congress. Streb received his Ph.D. in 2000 from Indiana University.

Selected Publications

Rethinking American Electoral Democracy, 3rd ed., New York: Routledge, 2015.

Matthew J. Streb, and Brian Frederick. 2011. “When Money Can't Encourage Participation: Campaign Spending and Rolloff in Low Visibility Judicial Elections.” Political Behavior 33: 665-684.

Matthew J. Streb, and Brian Frederick.  2009.  "Conditions for Competition in Low-Information Elections:  The Case of Intermediate Appellate Courts," Political Research Quarterly 62: 523-537.

Matthew J. Streb, Brian Frederick, and Casey LaFrance.  2009.  "Voter Roll-off in a Low-Information Context: Evidence from Intermediate Appellate Court Elections."  American Politics Research 37: 644-669.

Brian Frederick, and Matthew J. Streb.  2008.  "Paying for a Seat on the Bench: Campaign Spending in Intermediate Appellate Court Elections." State Politics and Policy Quarterly 8: 410-429.

Brian Frederick, and Matthew J. Streb.  2008.  "Women Running for Judge: The Impact of Sex on Candidate Success in State Intermediate Appellate Court Elections." Social Science Quarterly 89: 937-954.

"Social Desirability Effects and Support for a Female American President," (with Barbara Burrell, Brian Frederick, and Michael A. Genovese), Public Opinion Quarterly, 2007.

“A New Look at the Republican Advantage in Nonpartisan Elections,” (with B. Schaffner and G. Wright), Political Research Quarterly, 2007

Running for Judge, New York University Press, 2007

Academic Freedom at the Dawn of a New Century (edited with E. Gerstmann), Stanford University Press, 2006

“Do Absentee Voters Differ From Polling Place Voters? New Evidence from California,” (with M. Barreto, M. Marks, and F. Guerra, Public Opinion Quarterly, 2006.

Law and Election Politics, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2005

Polls and Politics (edited with M. Genovese), SUNY Press, 2004.

“Putting an End to Push Polling,” (with E. Gerstmann), Election Law Journal, 2004.

The New Electoral Politics of Race, University of Alabama Press, 2002.

“The Partisan Heuristic in Low-Information Elections,” (with B. Schaffner), Public Opinion Quarterly, 2002.

“Teams Without Uniforms,” (with B. Schaffner and G. Wright), Political Research Quarterly, 2001.

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