Termination of Students on Academic Probation

Policy Approval Authority President
Responsible Division Human Resources Services
Responsible Officer(s) Chief Human Resources Officer
Contact Person John Acardo
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 08-04-2009
Last Review Date 08-04-2009
Policy Category/Categories Human Resources / Employment

I. Purpose

To terminate students who are no longer eligible for student employment due to not meeting university GPA requirements for employment.

II. Policy

In accordance with University policy students are required to be in Good Standing academically to be eligible for student employment.  The university requires Undergraduate students to maintain a 2.0 GPA and 3.0 GPA for Graduate Students. Students with GPAs below these requirements are required to obtain an Academic Probation Permit from the associate academic dean.  The associate academic dean has the authority to indicate whether or not the student can be employed.  The associate academic dean also has the authority to indicate the number of hours the student can work.


New Hires/Rehires

  • The Student Employment office will not process hire or rehire paperwork for any student not meeting the GPA requirements. Paperwork will be held by the office until the proper permits have been obtained and the student working has been approved by the associate academic dean. 

Current Employed Students

  • Departments who currently employ students who become ineligible will be notified via e-mail that the student needs an academic probation permit and it should be submitted to the Student Employment office by the deadline indicated.  The deadline will be the next payroll deadline from the date of notification. 
  • If the permit is not received, the department will be notified.  Following final notification, the student will be administratively terminated and a notification e-mail will be sent to the department. 

IV. References

  • State University Civil Service System Statute and Rules
  • NIU Board of Trustee Regulations, Section IV. Students, Subsection E, 4 


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