Relationships between University Employees and Students Policy

Original Policy Source APPM Section 2. Item 24.
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 10-25-2010
Policy Category/Categories Faculty & Academics

Relationships between students and their teachers, advisors, athletic coaches, deans, or any other university employees holding positions of authority over students, must be conducted in a professional manner to prevent real, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest, exploitation, or bias. A University employee should not be romantically or sexually involved with a student whom he or she teaches, advises, coaches, or supervises in any way.

University employees who violate this policy will be subject to institutional sanctions ranging from simple reprimand, up to and including termination of employment, in accordance with applicable due process procedures.

Under exceptional circumstances involving student employment or academic matters, the supervising dean* of a person potentially in violation of this policy may grant an exclusion from sanctions for violating the policy if there is a clearly adequate written conflict of interest management plan to resolve and eliminate the real, potential, or perceived conflict. Such exclusions must be approved by the Provost or approved by the respective Vice President in the case of an employee outside of the division of Academic and Student Affairs in consultation with the University Ethics Officer. Human Resource Services may also be involved in coordinating/implementing such plans.

*Supervising dean means within the Academic Division the dean of the college or libraries of the staff member's primary appointment; in the case of graduate students, the Dean of the Graduate School; in the case of staff members holding appointments in academic research centers, the Vice Provost for Research; in the case of staff members holding appointments in the Division of Student Affairs, the Vice President for Student Affairs; in the case of a dean, the Provost. In in the case of staff members of intercollegiate athletics, the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. In the case of staff members in any other division, the appropriate Vice President., and in the case of a dean, the Provost.


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