Policy on Tenure-Track Administrative Appointments for Persons Hired above the Level of Department Chair

Original Policy Source APPM Section 2. Item 7.
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 04-20-1994
Policy Category/Categories Faculty & Academics

This policy is applicable to administrators within the Academic Affairs Division at levels above that of department chair who have a tenure-track appointment in a department. Should such appointees vacate their administrative post yet remain at Northern Illinois University, they shall be reassigned to that department as regular faculty members, unless they are accepting another administrative position within the university.

The salaries of administrators who have thus moved to a department will be covered by the Provost's Office for the remainder of the fiscal year in which they absent their administrative positions, unless other arrangements have been made.

The college in which the continuing faculty position resides will be responsible for such a person's salary in the following years of the tenure-track appointment, if the administrative position was in the same college in which that appointment is located and if the search to fill that administrative position was conducted by the college.

If the vacated administrative position is outside of that college, or if the administrator was hired by a process outside the college, then the salary for the continuing faculty position will be transferred from the administrative office being vacated to the college, and the administrative replacement's salary will be funded from the Academic Affairs budget before monies are allocated by the Provost's Office to the colleges and other units.

If the former administrator vacates his or her faculty position within three years, then the amount of the salary originally transferred to that faculty position will be returned to the Provost's Office (unless the college provides a compelling justification for continued funding of the faculty position, in which case the college will retain the funds needed to refill the position).

Upon the retirement of a person who has held appointments in more than one office, that person's retirement payouts not covered centrally will be provided by each office in proportion to the respective amounts of those benefits generated while the person was employed in that office.

Approved by Provost/Council of Deans, April 20, 1994


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