College Deans

Original Policy Source APPM Section 2. Item 13.
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 04-20-1994
Policy Category/Categories Faculty & Academics
Governance / Administration


In general, the dean is the academic leader and chief administrative officer of a college and is accountable directly to the Executive Vice President and Provost for aspects of the operation of the college, including its conduct and development as an instructional, research, and public-service unit. In carrying out responsibilities, deans consult advisory bodies within the college. The dean is the senior administrative representative of the college in dealing with officers of the university and of other colleges.

More specifically, in accordance with university policies and high professional and academic standards, and in consultation with appropriate faculty, administrative, and student groups, the dean is responsible for providing leadership in such areas as the following:

  1. Resource Allocation
    1. The dean shall allocate resources (including space) assigned to the college in such a way as to support and promote its optimum development and performance as a unit of the university and, in accordance with college priorities, shall assist the departments and programs within the college in carrying out their assignments as effectively as possible and consistent with collegial long-range goals. Effective resource allocation includes provision of quality education to students taking courses in the college as well as facilitation and encouragement of professional activities and development on the part of the college faculty.
  2. Policies and Procedures
    1. The dean shall provide leadership in establishing policies for the college consistent with those of the university which best enable the college to discharge its responsibilities.
    2. The dean shall execute university and college policies so as to improve and strengthen the commitment to academic excellence throughout the college.
    3. The dean shall recommend procedures that carry out institutional policies effectively and efficiently.
  3. Personnel
    1. The dean shall assist departments in recruiting and retaining the strongest possible instructional and support staff given available resources.
    2. The dean shall recommend to the Provost the appointment of department chairs and other administrators judged capable of providing effective leadership.
      The dean shall annually evaluate the professional performance of department chairs, recommend salary increments for them, and counsel with them to assist in improving the quality of departmental leadership. The dean may recommend to the Provost the removal of a department chair in the event of a serious loss of confidence with respect to the chair's capacity to lead the department.
    3. The dean shall recommend to the Provost the appointment of other college officers and staff members; coordinate, supervise, and evaluate their activities; recommend salary increments in recognition of their contributions; and, recommend replacements if circumstances require such action.
    4. The dean shall make recommendations to the Provost regarding all personnel matters within the college, including appointment, non-reappointment, tenure, promotion, leaves of absence with pay and without pay, intramural organized research stipends, and salaries. In discharging this responsibility the dean shall take into account departmental evaluations and recommendations as well as the recommendations of the College Council.
      The dean shall insure that evaluations of faculty members in the college are based upon rigorous standards of professional performance and that they a re carried out in accordance with proper procedures.
    5. On behalf of the university the dean shall, with the approval of the Provost, extend offers of appointment to all faculty members who serve in the college and to all departmental executive officers and other administrative officers in the college.
  4. Program Planning
    1. The dean shall establish priorities among the activities requiring use of college resources and assign such resources with reference to priorities consistent with the institutional mission. Subject to approval of the President and Board of Trustees where appropriate, the dean shall be responsible for organizing the total resources of the college including the determination of academic subunits and the assignment of academic programs and human and fiscal resources to those units.
    2. The dean shall insure that the quality of instruction, programs, and academic standards in the college be maintained at high levels, that students be provided with the best educational opportunities possible, and that the evaluation of student work be as rigorous and fair as possible.
    3. The dean shall encourage planning in connection with developing and otherwise improving the educational programs, curricula, and departments of the college in ways consistent with the missions of the college and university.
    4. The dean shall provide liaison with the officers of the university and of other colleges in encouraging cooperation among the programs and activities of the university, and in promoting innovative efforts that promise to enhance the quality of education available to students served by this institution, both on campus and off campus.
  5. Communications
    1. The dean shall interpret the programs, needs, and potentialities of the college within the university, and shall seek funding and approval of programs that will make possible the optimum development of its educational, research, and service functions.
    2. The dean shall provide liaison between the university and the academic departments in the college, shall be available for consultation with department chairs and with college faculty on a continuing basis, shall keep the college informed of matters concerning its interests, and shall provide opportunities for consideration of these matters by appropriate faculty groups.
    3. The dean shall take all feasible action to bring about conditions that will be maximally conducive to effective teaching, scholarship, academic counseling, and institutional public service.
    4. The dean shall encourage high academic, professional, and ethical standards in the college.
  6. The dean or the dean's designee shall serve as chair of the following college groups:
    1. The college faculty.
    2. The college council.
    3. The college curriculum committee.
    4. The college senate.
    5. Committees relating to the selection of administrative officers in the college and in its academic departments.

Approved by Council of Deans, April 20, 1994

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