Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure

Original Policy Source Facilities Management and Campus Services
Policy Approval Authority President
Responsible Division Facilities Management and Campus Services
Primary Audience Faculty
Status Active
Effective Adoption Date 04-28-2017
Policy Category/Categories Campus Safety / Security
Faculty & Academics
Human Resources / Employment


All accidents/incidents are to be attended to immediately to address any need for medical care. Additionally, all accidents need to be investigated and documented to ensure lessons and corrective actions are taken to avoid/minimize the chance of reoccurrence. Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) will use the submitted documentation to determine if additional investigation may be required. This document outlines the procedure for response to and reporting of accidents/incidents and injuries that occur on campus and involve Facilities Management and Campus Services (FMCS) personnel.


  • It is the responsibility of any FMCS employee working on any NIU campus, and their supervisor, to report accidents/incidents and injuries.
  • It is the supervisor’s responsibility to train all employees under their authority to the appropriate procedures for reporting minor and major accidents/incidents and injuries and to collaborate in investigations as necessary.


Accident Response and Reporting

At the time of an accident, there is often much confusion. It may be difficult to determine if an accident is minor or major. In general, a minor accident can easily be treated with basic first aid. A major accident is one where basic first aid alone may not be enough. If you are unsure, err on the side of a major accident and call 911.

Secondly, it is important to report all FMCS accidents, regardless of severity. What appears to be minor (a slip on the floor) can, in a few days become major (back pain). It is important therefore to report and document all accidents/incidents and injuries with your supervisor.

The appropriate response and reporting in the event of an accident/incident or injury are as follows:

Major Injury Accident
  1. CALL 911. University Police and Paramedics are trained to provide first aid; many are trained in advanced medical care. They will use their expertise to determine if you need medical attention.
    1. You are strongly advised to follow the medical advice of first responders.
    2. You have the option of refusing medical treatment or transport
    3. If your injuries warrant further medical attention, you have the option of seeking medical treatment through the Emergency Department at Kishwaukee Hospital, or your own physician.
  2. The University Police will alert EH&S to major accidents. EH&S will follow up with you regarding the accident and request that you and your supervisor file an NIU accident report and return it to EH&S. (See NOTE below)
  3. As an employee of NIU, it is important that you complete the Workersm Compensation* process:
    1. Report the incident to your supervisor/department. The supervisor/department may provide an application packet upon report of injury or upon request through Human Resource Services (HR).
    2. Contact the HR Workers Compensation Coordinator (WCC) for additional information: 815-753-6000. Occupational incidents involving the death, amputation, loss of an eye or hospitalization of an employee must be reported to Workers Compensation and EHS immediately.
Minor Injury Accident

A minor accident is something that requires only first aid. In the event of a minor accident/incident or injury:

  1. Address the injury in an appropriate manner,
  2. Notify your supervisor,
  3. Fill out the NIU Accident Report Form (PDF).
  4. Fill out Workers Compensation* forms as necessary
  5. Self-monitor for any unusual signs or symptoms. For example, for a cut these would be sign of infection (redness, swelling or heat at the wound site). If any unusual signs or symptoms occur, seek medical attention.

*Although Illinois statute allows 45 days after the accident/incident or injury to file with Workers Compensation it is highly recommended that the incident be reported as soon as possible. At any time within the 45 days you may contact your supervisor and report your injury under the Workers Compensation process.

No-Injury Accident/Near Miss Reporting

It is also important to communicate and to report an issue that “almost happened” or a “near miss”. This would include but is not limited to tool or equipment malfunction, damage to property, or an unsafe personal action, that could have led to an injury. This information may be used to identify and mitigate potential hazards that exist in the workplace. A Facilities Management and Campus Services Accident/Incident Report (attached) should be completed and forwarded to EH&S. EH&S will use this information in determining if corrective action is necessary and monitor trends.

Note: The NIU Near miss/Accident/Incident Report Form is NOT a replacement for the Workers Compensation Form. It is strictly used by EH&S for data collection to assist in mitigation and reduction of potential injurious situations. Contact EH&S (815-753-0404) if you have any questions regarding this procedure.

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