Polar and Paleoclimate Research at NIU

NIU researchers and students have been conducting research in the Antarctic and Arctic regions for several years. Their work has provided critical insights into polar ecosystems and the impact of climate change on glaciers, ice sheets and ice shelves.

Exploring the Antarctic

The majority of NIU-affiliated polar research has taken place in the Antarctic, where NIU scientists and students have led and participated in several research projects. One project involves the use of a robotic submarine to explore the aquatic world under the Ross Ice Shelf. A related project entails drilling into the seabed beneath the ice shelf to collect sediment and investigate geologic changes.

Antarctic Research

Exploring the Arctic

NIU is affiliated with a research project taking place near the North Pole. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the international project aims to study the effects of global warming on glaciers. The NIU students selected to participate gain hands-on research experience as they work alongside some of the world’s top scientists.

Arctic Research

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Polar and Paleoclimate Research
Professor Reed Scherer
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