EngagePLUS Approved Programs

Certain NIU programs have been designated as "EngagePLUS approved," which means they have been preapproved to meet the criteria for EngagePLUS notations. When you successfully complete an EngagePLUS approved program, you’ll be eligible for a transcript notation in the appropriate category.

Experiences that have not been designated as EngagePLUS approved may be eligible for transcript notations, but you’ll need to supply more detailed information in the application.

Faculty and staff who would like to have a program or experience designated as EngagePLUS approved can apply by completing the EngagePLUS approved program application.

The following programs are open to all undergraduate students unless otherwise noted.


There are no preapproved programs available.

Career Related Work Experience

  • The AVID Tutor field experience model is open to students seeking professional educator licensure.
  • On-Campus Internship Program

Experiential Learning



Undergraduate Research