Professional Development

A professional development notation will highlight your dedication to and preparation for your chosen career. Please note that professional development notations don't count toward EngagePLUS awards or honors requirements.

Professional Development Criteria

In order to qualify for a professional development notation, your experience must not result in academic credit. It also needs to meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 35 hours of active engagement.
  • Sponsorship or affiliation with NIU and oversight by NIU faculty or staff.
  • Deepened knowledge of subject matter that is relevant to career success.
  • Production of artifacts or evidence of learning.
  • Inclusion of instruction and/or practice that prepares you to capitalize on transcript notations, certificates or badges.

Professional Development Preapproved Programs

Currently, one NIU program has been preapproved to meet the criteria for a professional development notation: Leadership Academy. When you successfully complete this program, you'll be eligible for a professional development notation. This program is open to all undergraduate students.