Course Offerings

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Dr. S. Willis

PHYS 181
Dr. Y. Ito

(L. Marschand)

(L. Marschand)

PHYS 253S - see Blackboard
Dr. G. Blazey

Dr. D. Brown


PHYS 150/150A Physics

  • Section 1 (J. Maloney)
  • Section 2 (Dr. S. Willis)

PHYS 162 Elementary Astronomy

  • Section 1 (Dr. S. Willis)
  • Section 2 (R. Shea)
  • Section 3 (M. Weisner)

PHYS 180 Acoustics, Music and Hearing
L. Marschand

PHYS 210 General Physics I
L. Marschand

PHYS 211  General Physics II
L. Marschand

PHYS 253 Fund. of Physics I: Mechanic - see Blackboard
Dr. G. Blazey - MWF 1:00, FW200

PHYS 273  Fund. of Physics II: Electromagnetism
Dr. D. Brown 

PHYS 283 Fund. of Physics III: Quantum Physics
Dr. C. Thompson 

PHYS 284 Quantum Lab
Dr. C. Thompson 

PHYS 301X Professional Secondary Science Teacher
Dr. A. Windelborn

PHYS 320 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
Dr. Y. Ito

PHYS 370 Electricity and Magnetism I
Dr. S. Martin

PHYS 375 Laboratory Electronics I
Dr. Z. Xiao

PHYS 400/500 Analytical Mechanics II
Dr. B. Dabrowski

PHYS 430/530 Optics
Dr. O. Chmaissem

PHYS 459 Special Problems
Dr. S. Willis

PHYS 461/561 Modern Physics
Dr. D. Hedin - MWF 9:00, FW227

PHYS 480/580 Introduction to Materials Science
Dr. E. Alp

PHYS 493X Interdisciplinary Teaching of Science
Dr. A. Windelborn

PHYS 661 Quantum Mechanics II 
Dr. R. Winkler

PHYS 663 Statistical Mechanics
Dr. M. Fortner

PHYS 670 Electromagnetic Theory I
Dr. U. Welp

PHYS 680 Introduction to Nanophysics
Dr. R. Winkler

PHYS 684 Introduction to High Energy Physics and Astrophysics
Dr. D. Chakraborty

PHYS 790E Medical PhysicsDr. G. Coutrakon & Dr. L. Lurio