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PHYS 150S (Dr. S. Willis)

PHYS 210S (L. Marschand)

PHYS 211S (L. Marschand)

PHYS 253S (Dr. G. Blazey)

PHYS 273S (Dr. O. Chmaissem)


Please note: All syllabi posted here are samples only; actual syllabi will be distributed to students registered for the course by the instructor.

PHYS 150/150A Physics

  • Section 1 (Dr. S. Willis)
  • Section 2 (Dr. S. Willis)

PHYS 162/162H Elementary Astronomy

  • Section 1 (L. Marschand)
  • Section 2 (L. Marschand)
  • Section 3 (M. Wiesner)

PHYS 201X Secendary Science Teacher (Dr. A. Windelborn)

PHYS 210 General Physics I (L. Marschand)

PHYS 211 General Physics II (L. Marschand)

PHYS 253 Fund. of Physics I: Mechanics, Section 1 (Dr. G. Blazey)

PHYS 253 Fund. of Pysics I: Mechanics, Section 2 (Dr. P. Piot)

PHYS 273 Fund. of Physics II: Electromagnetism (Dr. O. Chmaissem)

PHYS 283 Fund. of Physics III: Quantum Physics (Dr. C. Thompson)

PHYS 300 Analytical Mechanics I (Dr. M. Fortner)

PHYS 367 Waves and Vibrations (Dr. Y. Ito)

PHYS 374 Intro to Experimental Physics (Dr. D. Brown)

PHYS 383 Intermediate Quantum Physics (Dr. D. Brown)

PHYS 401 Professional Physics Teacher (Dr. A. Windelborn)

PHYS 460/560 Quantum Physics (Dr. D. Hedin)

PHYS 463/563 Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, and Statistical Mechanics (Dr. L. Lurio)

PHYS 470/570 Electricity and Magnetism II (Dr. S. Martin) (syllabus)

PHYS 477/577 Astrophysics (Dr. M. Fortner)

PHYS 485/585 Methods of Experimental Physics II (Dr. B. Dabrowski)

PHYS 494/594 Use of Technology in Secondary Science Teaching (Dr. A. Windelborn)

PHYS 495/595 Teaching of Physical Science (Dr. A. Windelborn)

PHYS 498 Senior Seminar (Dr. C. Thompson)

PHYS 499H Senior Project in Physics (Dr. C. Thompson)

PHYS 600 Classical Mechanics (Dr. D. Chakraborty)

PHYS 660 Quantum Mechanics (Dr. R. Winkler)

PHYS 666 Solid State Physics I (Dr. M. Van Veenendaal)

PHYS 671 Electromagnetic Theory II (Dr. P. Piot)

PHYS 790A Special Topics in Physics-Condensed Matter (Dr. Y. Ito)

PHYS 790D Special Topics in Physics-Beams Physics (Dr. B. Erdelyi)


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