Course Offerings


Dr. S. Willis

L. Marschand

L. Marschand

Dr. Brown

Dr. Benbow


PHYS 150/150A Physics

  • Section 1 (C. Hoffman)
  • Section 2 (R. Shea)
  • Section 3 (C. Hoffman) 

PHYS 162 Elementary Astronomy

  • Section 1 (J. Mais)
  • Section 2 (J. Maloney)
  • Section 3 (Dr. S. Willis)
  • Section 4 (J. Mais) 

PHYS 201X The Professional Secondary Science Teacher
Dr. A. Windelborn

PHYS 210 General Physics I 
L. Marschand

PHYS 211  General Physics II
L. Marschand

PHYS 252 Intermediate General Physics
Dr. Van Veenendaal

PHYS 253  Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics
Dr. D. Brown

PHYS 273 Fund. of Physics II: Electromagnetism Dr. R. Benbow

PHYS 283 Fund. of Physics III: Quantum Physics Dr. R. Winkler

PHYS 300 Analytical Mechanics
Dr. B. Erdelyi

PHYS 367 Waves and Vibrations
Dr. Y. Ito

PHYS 374 Intro. to Experimental Physics
Dr. L. Lurio

PHYS 401 The Professional Physics Teacher
Dr. A. Windelborn

PHYS 410/510 Computational Physics
Dr. M. Fortner

PHYS 459 Special Problems in Physics
Dr. S. Willis

PHYS 460/560 Modern Physics
Dr. D. Hedin

PHYS 463/563 Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, and Statistical Mechanics
Dr. Y. Ito

PHYS 470/570 E&M II
Dr. S. Martin

PHYS 477/577 Astrophysics

PHYS 494/594 Use of Technology in Secondary Science Teaching Dr. A. Windelborn

PHYS 600 Classical Mechanics
Dr. M. Fortner

PHYS 630 Optics
Dr. P. Piot

PHYS 659 Special Topics
Dr. S. Willis

PHYS 660 Quantum Mechanics IDr. R. Winkler

PHYS 667 Solid State II
Dr. Van Veenendaal

PHYS 671 E&M II 
Dr. P. Piot

PHYS 673 Beams Physics I
Dr. B. Erdelyi

PHYS 699 M.S. Research
Dr. S. Willis

PHYS 798 Colloquium
Dr. S. Willis

PHYS 799 Ph.D. Research
Dr. S. Willis