Merit Evaluation Committee

Selection of Merit Evaluation Committee

Membership on the Merit Evaluation Committee is open to all departmental faculty on non-administrative regular appointments except representatives to the College and University Councils. All regular faculty on non-administrative appointments vote in the election of the Committee. The Department Chair meets with the Committee as a non-voting member. The Committee is elected in the following manner:

i. Three members constitute the Committee, two elected each year; the third, the Chair, returns to the Committee from the Prior year.

ii. After serving a term (one or two years) on the Committee, a faculty member may not serve again until a number of years equal to that term has passed.

iii. Candidates are chosen by means of a nominating ballot. Each voting faculty member may vote for two from among the eligible faculty on the nominating ballot. The top 4 candidates are placed on the final ballot. In the event of a tie, all candidates tied for the top four position will be included. On the final ballot each faculty member votes for one of the candidates. The individual who receives the largest number of votes is elected for two years and serves as Chair of the Committee in the following year. The person with the second highest vote total is elected for one year. A tie on the final ballot will be resolved by choosing by lot.