Graduate Faculty Committee

Appointment to the Graduate Faculty Committee

The Chair of the Physics Department appoints three members of the Physics Department to the Department’s Graduate Faculty Committee. All members of this committee must be either full or senior members of the Graduate Faculty, and at least two must be senior members. The Chair may not be a member of this committee. The term of appointment is three years, except for the initial appointments, which require one one-year appointment, one two-year appointment, and one three-year appointment. The Chair of this committee is the person with the shortest remaining term.

This committee meets upon the request of the Chair of the Department or upon the request of any member of the Physics Department to examine the credentials of persons to be proposed for new membership in the Physics Graduate Faculty or to consider any changes in the credentials of current Physics Graduate Faculty members. All meetings of this committee are open to any faculty member of the Northern Illinois University Physics Department. The committee forwards its recommendations to the Chair of the Department, to the Dean of the Graduate School, and to the faculty member being evaluated.