Director of Graduate Studies

Duties of the Director of Graduate Studies

1. Advisement (should read and be thoroughly familiar with the grad
student manual)

  • Advisor to incoming students until they find their own faculty advisor
  • Continue advising even after they have primary advisor.
  • "NIU" advisor for students working with ANL and FNAL scientists
  • Oversee PhD progress reviews.

2. Recruitment, new students, and TA offers

  • Help decide which current students will continue the next  year as TAs
  • Contact person for all inquiries of prospective students
  • Decide if someone is  "worth" trying to recruit    (Maintain recruitment fund )
  • Manage applicant information through OnBase and work with office staff to keep files on students.
  • Record and follow-up all applications.
  • Make initial recommendation of who to make offers to.
  • Advertising dept; visited smaller schools and giving talks.
  • Follow-up on accepts/declines and second/third round
  • Take photos of new TAs each Fall for display cabinet
  • Allocate single tuition waiver  and additional waivers for underrepresented students.


3. Record keeping

  • Send out updated "status" report on grad students to all faculties a few times per year.
  • Keep 2 page record of each year's recruitment.
  • Maintain running record of all PhD students since program start.
  • Exit survey of graduate students.
  • Maintain copies of all exam results.
  • Maintain paper file of transcripts.


4. MS and PhD exams

  • Do final proofing, distribute exams/collect grades.
  • Update  department copies of old exams.
  • Write results letters for students and grad school (now should do
    after every exam).
  • Evaluate TA stipends yearly. 
  • Work with department awards committee to recommend the best students
    for University Fellowship (MS)  and Diss. Completion Award (PhD).
  • Coordinate Albright awards.

5. Work with graduate curriculum committee to coordinate graduate
curriculum and catalog.

  • Coordinate catalog  changes as needed .
  • Do some coordinating of courses.
  • Update grad manual about twice per year.