Assistant Chair

Duties of the Assistant Chair

1. Act in place of the department chair when the chair is away or

2. Make up teaching assistant assignments and provide oversight of TAs.

3. Record Keeping and assessment
  • Maintain a list of current undergrads and meet with the other undergraduate advisors to periodically monitor how well they are doing.
  • Keep file of assessment plans/progress for PHD, Masters and BA program, and coordinate assisement activities required of the faculty.
  • Update various information about the department for external agencies, e.g. AIP listing of grad programs , Petersons guide etc.
  • Do department surveys: Do NSF/NIH survey each year and occasionally others.

4. Work with the undergraduate curriculum committee.
  • Coordinate catalog changes.
  • Coordinate courses.

5. Serve as primary undergraduate advisor.

6. Coordinate department outreach activities.
  • Maintain observatory
  • Coordinate with university outreach officer (Patty Sievert) for high school and middle school events.
  • Investigate new opportunities for community outreach.

7. Organize activities for recruitment of new undergraduate students.
  • Represent the department at “Majors” fair.
  • Organize department tours for high school students.
  • Write letters to promising high school students.

8. Coordination of Alumni related activities.
  • Maintain contact information on physics alumni.
  • Help organize alumni events

9. Serve as department web master
  • Make sure faculty and department organizations (NICADD, INSET) maintain active web pages.
  • Make sure graduate and undergraduate course pages are up to date.
  • Keep up to date photos of grad students and faculty.
  • Keep up to date web versions of department information:
           i. Personal and Procedures Manual
           ii. Committee Assignments
           iii. Grad manual
           iv. Old qualifier exams.
  • Post thesis and dissertations on the web.
  • Monitor the “AskPhysics” email.

10. Work with awards committee (and physics grad student association) to
coordinate Undergraduate Awards.

11. Assist the department chair in various duties as requested.