Committee Assignments


Physics Department Committee Assignments

Chair: Laurence Lurio

Assistant Chair: Yasuo Ito

Director of Graduate Studies: Philippe Piot

Executive Committee 2017-2018: Dennis Brown, Dhiman Chakraborty, Andreas Glatz, Dave Hedin

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: D. Hedin (Chair), D. Brown, M. Eads, Y.Ito, S. Martin, J. Adelman

Graduate Curriculum Committee: Steve Martin (Chair), D. Chakraborty, B. Dabrowski, B. Erdelyi, Y. Ito, R. Winkler, Z. Xiao, P. Piot

Grade Appeals Panels:

    • Undergraduate: Faculty: G. Coutrakon, Y. Ito, O. Chmaissem, D. Chakraborty; Students: W. Hashimoto, P. Moraga, G. Dunn, D. Coveyou.
    • Graduate: Faculty: B. Dabrowski, Z. Xiao, S. Martin, M. van Veenendaal; Student: W. Baker, C. Sarosiek.

Graduate Exam Committee: A. Glatz (Chair), D. Brown, D. Chakraborty, Y. Ito, S. Martin, P. Piot, C. Thompson.

Graduate Recruitment Committee: M. Eads, A. Glatz

Graduate Faculty Committee: O. Chmaissem (Chair 1 year term), Bela Erdelyi (2 year term), Dhiman Chakraborty (3 year term)

Merit Evaluation Committee: Omar Chmaissem (Chair, 2017-2018) Andreas Glatz (Chair Elect, 2018-2019) and Steve Martin.

George Coutrakon 2015-2016 Dennis Brown (Chair, 2015-2016), Michael Eads (Chair Elect), Zhili Xiao

Third Year Review Committee: Dave Hedin (Spokesperson), Bela Erdelyi, Stephen Martin, Michel van Veenendaal

Colloquium Committee: C. Thompson (Chair), D. Brown, D.Faia (Grad student rep), S. Szustkowski (Grad student rep), Y. Ito (advisory)

Student Awards Committee

    • Undergraduate: Chair (Martin) , D Chakraborty, Y. Ito
    • Graduate: Chair (Winkler), Z. Xiao and P. Piot

Library Representative: J. Adelman

University, CLAS, and External Committee Assignments

Faculty Senate (Department rep): S. Martin (Dennis Brown for Fall 2014)

Faculty Senate (an elected CLAS rep to the University Council):

Academic Planning Council:

General Education Committee:

Radiation Safety Committee: L. Lurio

Laser Safety Committee: Y. Ito

CLAS College Council: C. Thompson

Student Rep for CLAS Advisory Council: W. Hashimoto

University Council (CLAS representative):

University Council Subcommittee on Resources Space and Budget: O. Chmaissem

University Council (CLAS rep, Fall 2014): S. Martin

College Curriculum Committee (Natural Sciences Rep):

Committee for the Improvement of Undergraduate Academic Experience: D. Chakraborty (member 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019)

Dissertation Completion Fellowship Committee: Dhiman Chakraborty

Community Standards and Student Conduct Advisory Board:

Illinois Articulation Initiative Physical and Life Sciences Panel: C. Thompson