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Maggie Hitchcock, a Philosophy major, is featured in the Huskie Spotlight.

The ever-enthusiastic Varun Ravikumar (M.A., expected 2019) is in the Huskie Spotlight.

Professor Mylan Engel Jr. is in the Huskie Spotlight for his 2018 Presidential Teaching Professor Award.

Wi-Phi, an open-access source of educational videos in philosophy co-directed by Professor Geoff Pynn, just received a $250,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Congratulations to John Hill (M.A., expected 2019) for being selected recipient of the 2019 Myers Award for outstanding graduate student.

Jeremy Shipley (M.A., philosophy, 2006), currently assistant professor of philosophy at Volunteer State Community College, has been named President of the Tennessee Philosophical Association.

Professor Mylan Engel is recipient of a 2018 Presidential Teaching Professorship.

Evan Dutmer (B.A., 2012), who is currently finishing his Ph.D. in philosophy at Northwestern University, will be a full-time, tenure-track Instructor in Latin at the Culver Academies in fall 2018.

It is with sadness that we announce that our former colleague C. Michael Gelven passed away on June 1. Professor Gelven (1937-2018) taught at NIU for 46 years, inspiring generations of students. The author of a dozen books, he served as Distinguished Research Professor from 1997 until his retirement in 2011.

Peter van Elswyk (M.A., 2012) will be assistant professor of philosophy at University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee in fall 2018.

Renee Jorgensen Bolinger (M.A., 2012) will be assistant professor at Princeton University in fall 2019, with appointments in the Department of Politics and the University Center for Human Values.

Junior philosophy major Maggie Hitchcock is recipient of the Austin Sawicki (M.A., 2006) Memorial Scholarship for 2018.

Brianna Campbell and Christopher Copan are co-winners of the 2018 C. Mason and Madeline Myers Graduate Philosophy Award for outstanding achievement in graduate study in philosophy.

Sayid Bnefsi (M.A., 2018) is the Philosophy Department's recipient of the Graduate School's 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Award, in recognition of distinction in the area of scholarship.

John Pindel (B.S., philosophy, 2016) is featured in NIU Today.

Junior philosophy major Maggie Hitchcock is one of five recipients of the 2018 Forward, Together Forward Scholarship.

Anthony Chiarito (M.A., 2011) has been named one of "The 10 Most Powerful Young People Working in PR Today" by The Observer.

Philosophy major Matthew Wolf won the 2017 Illinois Philosophical Association Undergraduate Student Essay Contest for his essay "Negative Existentials: A Problem of Mistaken Beliefs."

Prof. Valia Allori discusses "Gravity and the Dark Side of Science" at the Institute for Arts and Ideas.

Prof. Mylan Engel received a Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship to offer a new course on The Philosophy of Food in Spring 2017.

Jason Hanna was awarded the 2016 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, marking the third consecutive year that a Philosophy faculty member has received the award.

Prof. Geoff Pynn did an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit. Check out what he had to say.

Geoff Pynn has received high praise from Open Culture for his work with the WiPhi open access philosophy project.

Junior philosophy major and Research Rookie David Lorenzo won Third Place Humanities Prize at the Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day.

James "Twigz" McGuire (M.A., 2016), in his capacity as outreach coordinator for the Jerry L. Johns Literacy Clinic, helped open a Little Free Library to serve the children of Sycamore.

Matthew Babb (B.A., 2006; M.A., 2010) won the 2015 Philosophical Quarterly Essay Prize for his essay "The Essential Indexicality of Intentional Action," which will appear in the July issue of Philosophical Quarterly. Matt is currently a doctoral student in philosophy at University of Southern California.

G. K. Wuori (B.A., 1967), former Illinois Arts Council Fellow, has just published his fourth work of fiction, HoneyLee's Girl, with Black Rose Writing.

Tanya Kostochka (M.A., 2013) has become a cartoonist for the philosophy blog Daily Nous. In her day job, Tanya is a doctoral student in philosophy at University of Southern California.

Emma Duncan (M.A., 2015) just published "Trolleys and Transplants: Derailing the Distinction Between Doing and Allowing" in De Ethica. Emma is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in philosophy at University of California at San Diego.

Renee Jorgensen Bolinger (M.A., 2012), who created the above picture of the Philosophy Department faculty and the Philosopher Portraits series, just had her paper "The Pragmatics of Slurs" published in Noûs. Renee is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in philosophy at University of Southern California.

Andrew Chapman (M.A., 2009) has become Project Editor of 1000-Word Philosophy, "an ever-growing set of original 1000-word essays on philosophical topics."

Andy Carson (M.A., 2012) has received coverage in The Chronicle of Higher Education for his study of job placement by doctoral programs in philosophy. He has now published a follow-up study reporting on the placement records of M.A. programs in philosophy.