Displaying Your Permit

  • Window decals must be permanently and totally affixed to the front windshield, lower corner, passenger side. The permit must be visible from outside the vehicle but should not obstruct the driver's line of sight.
  • Transferable permits must be suspended from the rearview mirror with the permit numbers facing forward. The permit must be clearly visible from both the front and rear of the vehicle. Transferable permits are to be removed when vehicle is in motion (Illinois Compiled Statutes 625 ILCS 5 1/2-503). If you do not have a rear view mirror, you may obtain a plastic pocket for your permit from Campus Parking Services. Motorcycle permits must be attached to the rear license plate. Specific instructions can be obtained from Parking Services.
  • Citations will be issued to vehicles when a permit is not properly displayed. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to display their permit properly. A vehicle not displaying a parking permit will be treated as an unregistered vehicle.
  • Only one valid permit may be displayed on a vehicle. All expired permits must be removed from vehicles. Vehicles displaying an invalid or expired permit will be ticketed. Exception: Temporary and/or handicapped permits may be displayed in addition to the regular permit.

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