Reduce Remediation

Objective: Actively support local actions to align expectations of HS and CC faculty and administrators

Framing Question

How can we support our high school-community college-NIU partnership teams in creating transitional math courses that will result in reduced remediation rates? 


30 Day Outcomes

  • Prepare a toolkit of existing resources to be used by partnership teams; e.g., math competencies, IOER, curricula, industries' recommendations, sources for stipends
  • Identify sources for real-world problems and applications from various career sectors
  • Identify potential participants in three teams for developing transitional math resources


2018 Outcomes

  • Three math partnership teams established - STEM, QL/states, tech - with teams representing diverse sectors; e.g., educators, employers
  • Development of model course resources on 
    • Content
    • Applications
    • Methodologies
    • Assessments
  • 6-9 month deliverable - model course resources and customizable course shells
  • Submission to institutional teams for vetting
  • Assessment of implications for teacher preparation and professional development