Expanding Early College and Pathways Opportunities

Objective: 100% of students will graduate from high school with 9-12 college credits and/or a professional certificate

  • Increase the number of high school teachers qualified to teach dual credit courses
  • Increase opportunities for students to enroll in early college credit courses

Framing Question

How can we increase opportunities for all students to graduate from high school with at least nine college credits?


30 Day Outcomes

  • Collect guidelines for hiring CTE dual credit instructors
  • Share results of ICCB survey on academic and CTE dual credit courses and teachers
  • Develop and distribute survey for stakeholders to gather data on needs for CTE and core courses for dual credit
  • Submit administrator academy to ISBE for approval


2018 Outcomes

  • Share data on course and teacher needs to increase the number of CTE and academic dual/articulated credit courses
  • Data on performance of students with CLEP credit compared to students with AP and dual credit
  • Development of information for students about variations in SAT cut scores and AP credit
  • Present administrator academy train the trainer sessions